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Why Tech Is So Much More Than Entertainment

tech and gaming

Nowadays tech runs our world and has transformed and still transforming almost everything including the world of entertainment. The advent of technology has greatly reduced excessive dependence on traditional processes and also helps to find answers to everyday questions. More so, the advancements in technology have helped to improve almost every aspect of entertainment.

Gone are the days when entertainment took the lead. Today everyone is tech-driven and has applied technology to everything.  Actually, the role of entertainment cannot be neglected and entertainment can never be replaced by technology. Instead, technology has greatly changed the world of home entertainment and everyone is drifting away from traditional entertainment toward the technologically transformed entertainment.

For instance, long before now, people were limited when in the aspect of home entertainment. They only have a few terrestrial TV channels and the radio. People had very little to do with all these. But with the advancement in technology, satellite TV and cable came into existence to change the conventional system. Now people have access to and can enjoy a whole lot of TV channels.

More so, improved computer technology, high-speed broadband, and new games consoles have added to the ability to enjoy an extensive entertainment at home. In fact, people can now enjoy wide-ranging activities at home and without the need to go out and splash out lots of money as they might do before.


Here Are Some Improvement That Technology Brought To Entertainment

The advancement in modern technology has brought many changes to the entertainment and some of the areas where notable changes were seen include:



Nowadays, people can enjoy their favourite games in several ways without restrictions. People are no longer restricted to games on cartridges, consoles, or CD, etc. People can now enjoy gaming activities like playing interesting games online or enjoying hard-core multiplayer games with their friends.

There is no more need to visit casinos or go to arcades to enjoy gaming. Thanks to technology that brought several online gaming sites, high-speed broadband, and excellent gaming consoles, which made it possible to play and enjoy all sorts of games at home.


Watching movies

Going to the cinema to see the latest movie could be quite expensive, especially if you are going in a group. But technology has now made streaming possible. With high-speed broadband and several movie websites, you can now enjoy a wide range of latest movies under the comfort and shelter of your home. In fact, the advancement in technology has wiped out and is gradually wiping out other entertainment gadgets like stereo, video cassette, VCD, and even DVD. This is because people can now find all the favourite movie entertainment online and for free. Even at cinemas, the development of 3D eyeglasses has improved the way people enjoy their view and makes it more enjoyable.


Listening to music

Gone are the days when you have to buy or burn CD for any song you want. Presently, there are lots of websites where you can listen to and download music. There are lots of mobile and desktop apps that make it possible for people to download their favourite music and create their own playlists instead of keeping a pile of CDs at home. Most of all these music websites offer free music downloads and playlist creation. This is a simple, great, and free way for music lovers to enjoy some musical entertainment.

Somebody said: “A few years ago, CDs made the money while concerts are only organized to advertise the CDs. But nowadays, concerts organizers make the money while CDs are only made to advertise the concerts.”

Even with the development of wireless speakers, music entertainment only got better.



For those people who love reading good books, novels, magazine, or newspaper etc. as a form of entertainment no longer need to go out and buy them or turn their room into a library anymore because all of these can be accessed online. With technology, everything from e-Books, e-magazines, online newspapers to live streaming of news can be gotten anytime, anywhere online.

As seen above, advancement in technology has had a great impact on the entertainment industry and how we enjoy entertainment at home. Entertainment cannot transform technology but technology can significantly transform entertainment. This accounts for the main reason why tech is so much more than entertainment.