It has become more important than ever to make the most of your leisure time. 

With the advent of Covid 19 and the different levels of restrictions, many people found that they were able to look at their leisure hours with a fresh pair of eyes.

This is when it was clear to some that their homes and their gardens were not as well kept as they thought. By spending more time at home, more focus was given to what needed to be repaired, rejuvenated or simply replaced.

It was this ‘closer look’ that has renewed a sense of how important it is to maintain a home and the different aspects of the entire place.

This can be everything from using the right varnish for a solid oak coffee table in the lounge room or using the best product for deck protection for your outdoor area.

Finding ways to add style and keep it looking its best

You can find some special furniture and decorative effects that can make all the difference to your home. This is the perfect way to add some of your own personal style and showcase your taste in particular décor. 

Whether you find that special item at a fashionable city interior designer or pick up an exciting choice from a boutique store. That could be looking for homewares, Mornington or Mt Martha way or a special knick-knack place in one of the hidden gems throughout Australia. 

The most important thing is to make sure that you have a look that suits you and your own tastes rather than a cookie-cutter approach or a straight copy from a magazine.

Some people make the mistake of going overboard with the styling from someone else and then wonder why they feel like they are living in someone’s else’s house and not their own.

Whatever you do, it’s important to make sure that you have a look that will last. That’s where maintaining that look becomes all the more important.

Clean living and clean lines

You can have special space-saving devices and innovative ideas that allow for clean lines and a way to let the energy flow through the home. 

It doesn’t matter what your actual colour scheme is or how you decorate or furnish your place, the point is that it needs to be uncluttered and be able ‘to breathe’. 

Many homes suffer the problem of being inundated with too many pieces of furniture, decorative effects and even wall hangings. Others can feel sterile because they take the minimalist look to the extreme. 

There is always a happy balance to be achieved and it can be achieved with the right pre-planning and a disciplined look at what is a ‘must-have’ and what is a ‘like to have’ item.

One of the most overlooked aspects to a home is that it has not just the special ‘clean lines’ look, but the place itself is properly cleaned and maintained.

Keeping the energy going

There is a great deal of talk about the difference that a broken appliance, cracked window or even scuff marks on the wall can do to the energy of the home.

Whilst there is the theory of Feng Shui and how the way your home is laid out and furnished can affect the overall feeling of the place.

Fixing an appliance that no longer works or replacing the glass of a window, a damaged blind or getting rid of a vase that is badly cracked can help bring a revitalised feel to the space.

Cleaning is often a very underrated step in altering the energy of a home. Removing those scuff marks, repainting a wall or giving your timbers a little TLC can make a huge difference. 

Woods and timbers do need a special care of their own if they are to live up to their potential and last for the many years ahead. 

This is particularly true and very important with any timberwork that is exposed to the elements. With Australia’s often harsh and unruly climate, that maintenance and care is vital to the woodwork’s survival.

Polishing up your place

Even though the idea of adding a polish or special high-grade oil to your furniture may sound like too simple a step to have any great effect, you could be amazed by the results.

If you’ve ever noticed what a difference freshly polished cutlery and silverware can make to the feel and look of a dinner setting, it is doubled when it comes to polished timber.

You will often see the effects of sparkling polished floorboards in a home or a workplace. What about the outdoor areas such as your entertainment area and decking?

With wood that is able to withstand the effects of weather, you can showcase your style and the entire garden. This is why it pays to use the best decking oil and get the possible results for your timber decking. 

It can sometimes give you a look that seems as if you have had that decking replaced with entirely new timber. The beauty is that you are giving your decking a new lift and extending its life at the same time.

The combination of metal and wood

Rather than overwhelm the eye with all timber and possibly detract from the delights of your decking or pergola, you can contrast it.

This is where the combination of metal and wood can be really eye-catching and add a special style to your home.

If you’ve ever thought about using quality aluminium cladding or the best in aluminium screens, then you will see how this mix of textures with timbers can work.

You don’t have to reinvent your whole house and garden with a huge expenditure and have to say goodbye to well-loved items of furniture in and around your home.

With a thorough clean and revamp of your current furnishings and décor, you can see what works, what you really love and anything that no longer suits you or your taste.

By applying a polish and a touch of paint here and there, you can maintain the look of your beautiful home for longer.