Deciding to remodel or renovate your house is a game changing decision.

Whatever your reasons for doing it, the reality is always way more daunting than the idea.

It is bad enough if you’re doing the project solo, but as soon as wives, girlfriends or boyfriends or husbands or partners get involved, decisions have to be made and negotiated and compromises reached about the most trivial things.

One thing you need to be clear about at the start of the project is the style you are going to stick to.

Will it be a modern, minimalist finish to your house or a retro look harking back to the 1950s. How would you blend your current furniture and lifestyle into your ideas? What kind of basic construction needs addressing before you can start on the refinements?

It’s hard to know where to start and how to allocate your budget and it’s not just the design choices which are difficult.

There are some amazingly helpful Tradies and architects out there who can give you advice on what’s current, where you can get a deal and how you can incorporate some clever ideas into your project cheaply.

A great example of this is creating a stylish exterior with weld mesh fence panels. These wouldn’t exactly be a go if you were looking at your design coldly, but by incorporating clever additions to the basic idea you can combine some privacy and security whilst adding some “wow factor” to the equation.

Using flowers, bushes, shrubbery, and plants you can add an extra dimension to the entire fabric of the garden with just a nod to the basic materials you started with.

Another clever way of adding a touch of elegance is by using CNC wire forming.

For those not familiar with it, wire forming is a way of applying force to bend, swage, shear, pierce or chamfer lengths of wire to form shapes, “statues,” decorative items, “installations,” and other esoteric ideas which someone with an artistic bent would find a creative and intellectual challenge.

The most common illustration of this type of technique is some of the Christmas decorations which are mass produced for gardens and take the form of welded wire shapes, like deer, or elves, that have LED lights wrapped around them or are covered in glitter or tinsel.

Creating a functional art space is an exciting and absorbing project to do as well.

The Australian climate can be great in Summer with balmy evenings that make it perfect for outdoor arts. A visual art exhibition of your own, or other people’s work, makes for a fabulous social event – whether it’s a party, a barbie, or just a general get-together or special soirée. Great lighting, combined with some wine, canapés and entertainment will make for the perfect social occasion outdoors.

If parties aren’t your thing and you’re the kind of person who enjoys being social and interested in art and have a wide circle of artistic friends, why not invite them to set up an exhibition at your place and either take a commission on anything sold or charge a fee to hold the event?

If you take this route though, you have another problem. Artwork outside is subject to weather damage and issues of theft, so you will need to organise some form of protection for the items displayed.

Art storage, particularly for valuable art, will mean allotting a specific area somewhere on the premises where you can securely keep the pieces when they are not on display.

If you can’t find a specialist in storing art, then at least have a waterproof, dry garage space or a spare room inside the house or even at a trusted neighbour’s place. The space would need to be secure, with locks and access controlled so that it complies with insurance provisions – and there are specialist art services around, who can advise on these issues.

One of the most satisfying things about renovating a home is being able to show it off.

Asking friends and family around is one way of doing this. They’ll be only too pleased to come and have a nose around your newly garden and comment on your immaculate taste – or lack of it.

Of course, the ultimate show-off is to hold a good old-fashioned party with loads of friends, drink and food on tap.

Most of us do these ourselves but they’re a lot of work – organising seating, music, food, drink, entertainment and the politics and hassle of who to invite – and who not to.

A Melbourne entertainment company – or one from any major city – can help you create a personalised entertainment “experience.” This can be anything from a themed fancy dress party (think Marie Antoinette or King Arthur – to a full-scale “Superhero” cosplay romp) to a formal sit-down dinner with a chamber orchestra or quartet.

The events company can advise on everything you’ll need from invitations through to booking taxis for getting guests home.

Costs can escalate quickly, so you need to monitor all the little extras which can mount up. Be prepared for things like tips if you engage waiting staff or chefs and bar staff.

It’s recently become “a thing” to ask guests to chip in to help cover the costs of an event or a party – although some people think this is cheeky – in straitened times it might be a great idea for a group of people who know each other well and want to meet up.

Music is always welcome at parties and get-togethers and the standard answer is to hire a DJ.

They can provide you with a wide range of services, such as lighting, sound, and special effects, to make your party space truly unique.

And what’s a party without a DJ Melbourne style?

A professional DJ can create a memorable experience for you and your guests, providing the perfect atmosphere for any event.

They can advise on any musical genre or era from rock ‘n’ roll, through punk and grunge, right up to grime and even K-pop. They’ll keep your guests on their feet into the wee small hours and make sure they’ll remember your party for a long time afterwards.

Your style elements will be the talk of the town.