Why is chair design important?

Why is chair design important?

It is surprising to many that sitting can place several stresses on the human body. 

Even though sitting is considered one of the most comfortable positions, some issues need to be addressed to ensure that a healthy posture is maintained while seated.

This is why chair design is so important and needs to be the top consideration when you are looking at buying a chair of any kind.

The different types of chairs

We are probably all familiar with some of the different types of chairs available today, but an increasing number of unique designs are fit for purpose. 

You may know of the traditional dining chair and armchair for the home, which can be anything from low or high-backed, extra padded, wide seated, with or without upholstery and in various sizes.

One thing that must always be top of mind is the table or desk you will sit in that particular chair. 

People must consider where that chair will be used before selecting it based on its comfort or stylish design.

A chair that is too high for the table or desk will mean the person seated there must stoop. This lays the groundwork for more severe problems in the back and shoulder area.

A low chair can create just as many problems, significantly when your shoulders are elevated and there is an undue strain on the neck. 

The height of a chair is just one aspect to consider in interior design style.

Ergonomic Choice and why it matters

The chairs on which we most often sit are those at work or whilst eating. 

Having the proper and most comfortable chair at the dining or breakfast table is more accessible than choosing the best option for a work situation.

Many chairs are designed for comfort and easy access but must cover basic ergonomic needs.

Finding the best ergonomic office chairs and tailoring the height and arms of the chair to the individual using that chair is essential.

Ergonomics is more than just helping the person use the correct posture; it is about efficiency, safety and productivity too.

Office chairs need to be comfortable, stable and adjustable for different needs. The chair must promote the correct sitting posture, which includes;

  • Relaxed shoulders
  • The forearms and hands are in alignment
  • Sufficient support for the lower back
  • The thighs are horizontal
  • The feet are flat on the floor
  • Ample clearance under the work surface

Without these elements, the person is prone to body aches, stiffness, and headaches and is at risk of possible injury.

Being seated at the table

ergonomic office chairs

One table has a higher profile and a higher demand for making the right impression. This is the boardroom table.

This can be a table for any leadership style, such as Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-faire, or Transformational.

How the business is run should reflect how the workplace is designed and structured. This includes the furnishings, spaces to work and interact, and the boardroom itself.

It is in the boardroom where the most important decisions and discussions take place. This is why the choice of type and style of boardroom chairs is crucial.

A more casual workplace means reflecting that in the chairs and boardroom tables. A more traditional business that values itself as a trusted authority could be better furnished with sturdier and more functional styling.

The quality of the chairs and furniture that is chosen illustrates how a room, office or workplace is likely to be viewed.

Interior and exterior design elements

The elements that make up the overall design of a space are vital to the liveability of that space. 

Factoring in the movement and flow of energy in the home or office is why there is such a high demand for the services of the best interior designers Sydney and Melbourne has to offer. 

Many people still make the fundamental mistake of thinking they can buy different furnishings and make them work for the space. Proper pre-planning and considering the entire area’s needs means a more comfortable and functional result.

Another crucial point is that interior design works best when harmonious with the exterior. 

Any abrupt change to the indoor and outdoor areas can be a sharp jolt to the senses and work against the energy of the space. 

Harnessing the same stylistics from the interior and extending them into the exterior space makes for a calming and inviting continuance.

The In Thing about outdoor areas

It is common to see outdoor decking incorporated into the home and even in workplaces these days.

Having an outside space for less formal or special private discussions can be a way to ‘air views’ and share more of those personal opinions or issues. 

Rather than meet in a boardroom or behind closed doors in an office, these conversations can be fostered in the relaxed setting of an outdoor area.

It also allows the team to enjoy some much-needed time to clear the head or mull over a particular point or strategy that has met with a roadblock at the desk or in the meeting.

Keeping the style working for you

While the style of design in everything from the chairs and tables to the look of any outdoor area is essential, it is just as important to keep the look and feel of the space adequately maintained. 

Anyone who has ventured into an office environment with worn carpets, grubby walls, windows, or damaged furniture will know just how off-putting this can be. 

It is the same with any outdoor furniture or space. Maintenance is the key to keeping things looking their best and lasting their longest.

Suppose you have a deck or outdoor entertaining area with timber as the feature material. In that case, you must use a quality deck sealer and other products to maintain it.

If you want to make the most of the character and colour of the timber, then a clear decking oil is the best option in your protection efforts. 

With the right balance of design, functionality and comfort, you can have a space with the best interior features and an inviting outdoor area to complete the package.

Quality goes a long way in everything from chairs to the style of a boardroom or a stunning deck, and it will have you sitting pretty in more ways than one.

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